Transforming White Spaces Into Profits

With foresight and discipline, we are committed to identifying and scaling high quality, secure and growth-oriented assets.


Food & Beverage Focused Investment Firm

Experienced Professionals Driving Change

Gourmet Food Holdings is led by professionals with decades of experience in F&B, technology and financial services. Together, we are well-poised to disrupt the F&B industry, through investments strategies, ultimately bringing value to businesses and societies.

Carefully Crafted Investment Strategy For Impact

We focus on three core investment strategies, namely growth capital, licensing and leveraged buyout. Through these strategies, we aim to achieve above-market ROI based on our indicated investment duration.

Unlocking The Latent Value in F&B

Be it strategising for expansion or problem-solving on operational issues, we play a critical role in shaping our partners’ business strategy. We are there at every step of the way – from developing and protecting intellectual property, to tapping into our consumer insights for rapid growth.

Gourmet Food Holdings: A Unique Growth Opportunity in F&B

The First-Mover Advantage

Our team of industry veterans will leverage on their network and insights to identify unique, scalable opportunities ahead of other investors. It is with their expertise that we selected to focus on food establishments and food services and technology.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Our partnerships with entrepreneurs and businesses will help them achieve sustainable competitive advantage through economies of scale, product differentiation and branding. We go beyond being investors by becoming their strategic partner.

Nurturing a Community Driven by Innovation and Curiosity

F&B is our passion, and we are seeking businesses who share our values and commitment to advancing the F&B industry.

Globally, families and friends bond over food. F&B businesses are places where we share beautiful memories. Where children grow up, families gather and special moments are created. To celebrate, live and love.

Therefore, we want to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create an ecosystem that shares our vision of taking big strides in transforming F&B globally.

Global Value Creation Framework

For Investors

Global financing in F&B has seen an overall increase in the past five years. However, funding has remained rather unpredictable year-by-year. Through our carefully-crafted methodological framework, we believe in spotting opportunities ahead of the market to achieve results for our investors and business partners.

For Operators

Single-market F&B operators face intense competition locally and globally, with new concepts and business models emerging constantly. We help these operators differentiate themselves, overcome operational difficulties and enhance their negotiation power to achieve sustainable growth.

Our Relentless Commitment of Building Better Businesses

We believe the sum of parts is greater than the whole. We are always on the lookout for like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses to join us on this exciting journey.

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